that’s one of the 454687463543541 things i lawl about.
i don’t even show my face in that site regularly, maybe once or twice everytime someone links me to something but that’s it… i try to avoid that piece of shit at all costs.
but here’s my point, i am sure if i go in there right now, and turn off my add blocker i’d see advertisements all over the place. for better or worse they have it… it doesn’t matter the reason… THEY FUCKING HAVE IT!
so in all honesty what they do is Hippocratic bullshit.
next… what is the 101 of web administration?
don’t get me wrong i don’t have anything against other languages… but hey, I ONLY SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH. the few times i’ve checked batoto, i happened to go in a day when spanish mangolators came out of the closets and took over 90% of the home page with their rlses…
like i said, i only speak english, i don’t care about any other language because i do not understand it. shouldn’t i have a way to manage that?
if any of the batoto admins see this… go annoy Edward_K for some classes about proper web management ffs.
next… wazup with banning titles? for their content? are you serious?
the only reason i come up with is those damn advertisements or whatever… gents… if you wanna fucking have a god damn library that actually supports mangolators then make a real library open to everyone.
regardless of content. “excluding hentai of course” for that there is another shit of a place to read at full of gold digging whores” u know which one i’m talking about.

anyway… come on… BATOTO? why don’t you try figuring out why is so awesome you dumb kids?

blah blah…

for these and other good reasons i will keep reading my manga at OR ANY OTHER READER that actually has some kind of common sense.

batoto call me up when u actually support SCANLATORS honestly, cuz right now that site is just a sad joke.





you know i recently started doing mangolations, for some certain boringness during a bsns trip reasons lol and almost as soon as we spitted out our first scan ever some other guy picks the project back up, and now we are the bad guys LOL.

but whatever… here… have some laughs with these guys grilling my ass for my mango-adventures 🙂

this is only a good read if you are too bored LOL

[6:36pm] <@M’X> hey F1, why are you doing manga you lazy fuck?
[6:36pm] <@M’X> aren’t there some signs you should be doing? LIKE FUCKING SUKITTE?!
[6:36pm] <@F10> well i guess so-
[6:36pm] <@F10> you could say
[6:36pm] <@F10> the devil made me do it!
[6:36pm] <@F10> or
[6:36pm] <@F10> more like pedobear
[6:36pm] <@F10> lol
[6:37pm] <@M’X> shut your trap, you are a fucking typesetter you idiot… stop playing with manga you fuck!
[6:38pm] <@Skarto> is funny though… that manga you are doing F1 had been stalled for like
[6:38pm] <@Skarto> months
[6:38pm] <@Skarto> and then you rls ch1
[6:38pm] <@Skarto> and the other guy
[6:38pm] <@Skarto> progress or something like that rlses the 2nd ch
[6:38pm] <@Vacheron> lol, “COMMIE ANYONE?”
[6:39pm] <@matt-DROID> prozess is an overrrated tler… he has so many projects going on that i am sure he never knows what to tl next
[6:39pm] <@Skarto> ^ and takes him MONTHS to rls anything
[6:40pm] <@Skarto> i vote for f1 continuing doing that manga because is interesting and i’d like to read a chapter regularly, instead of one every 2 fucking months
[6:42pm] <@Skarto> i just think is sad that the other group is trying to start a war over this-
[6:42pm] <@Skarto> he had this shit stalled for a month
[6:42pm] <@Skarto> or 2 iirc
[6:42pm] <@Skarto> and now he sees someone else picking it up
[6:43pm] <@Skarto> he comes and tries to start a war of attrition? we know he’s a good scanlator but damn, take the chance and leave this to some that can actually pull through regularly!
[6:43pm] <@M’X> wtf?
[6:43pm] <@BORG> that guy must have some ties with commie
[6:43pm] <@F10_is-A_LAZY-FUCK> LOL
[6:43pm] <@RTS> make it hadena
[6:43pm] <@F10> lolol
[6:43pm] <@M’X> don’t mention those infront of f1 and myself
[6:43pm] <@M’X> you’ll end up raped in rage
[6:43pm] <@F10> LAWL
[6:47pm] <@Retired_AFXer> F1 you’re one hell of a typesetter
[6:48pm] <@Retired_AFXer> but you have longways to go with manga
[6:48pm] <@Retired_AFXer> your redrawing skill is not bad at all
[6:48pm] <@Retired_AFXer> but your editings can definetly be iproved
[6:48pm] <@F10> >trial and error
[6:48pm] <@F10> i don’t have a teacher
[6:48pm] <@F10> i am learning as i go
[6:49pm] <@F10> just like i did with afx back in the ol’days
[6:49pm] <@matt-DROID> but then again
[6:49pm] <@matt-DROID> is a fact that you kicked some sense into that progress guy
[6:50pm] <@matt-DROID> he might actually pick up the speed now that he has some competence
[6:50pm] <@Skarto> ^that is how mangalators work anyway
[6:50pm] <@Skarto> 1337-scanlators use to go through the “TRIAD-VIRUS”
[6:50pm] <@Skarto> PRETTY MUCH!
[6:50pm] <@BORG> Skarto what are you implying?
[6:51pm] <@matt-DROID> cuz you guys were retards
[6:51pm] <@F10> >fact
[6:51pm] <@M’X> indeed
[6:51pm] <@RTS> what do you all mean?
[6:51pm] <@F10> TRIA used to start drama and get completely pissed off when some other group started subbing a series’ that they were already working on.
[6:51pm] <@F10> for BORG it was like a WAR-DEC
[6:51pm] <@RTS> LOL.
[6:51pm] <@F10> if you ask me, i guess the new age of subbers drove the TRIAD into RAGE mode and RAGE quitted subban LOL.
[6:52pm] <@BORG> FUCK you F1, our plight was that why would be more than 1 group working on a show?
[6:52pm] <@Vacheron> i agree with you there, that’s a good point!
[6:54pm] <@Skarto> anyway
[6:54pm] <@Skarto> you will keep on doing it?
[6:54pm] <@F10> that depends
[6:54pm] <@F10> because
[6:54pm] <@F10> if he’s actually gonna do it steadily
[6:54pm] <@F10> i don’t see why wasting my time
[6:54pm] <@F10> i already had my anti-COMMIE shot
[6:55pm] <@F10> so i don’t really like to start oversubbing shit
[6:55pm] <@F10> or in this case “mangalating”
[6:55pm] <@Vacheron> believe me
[6:55pm] <@Vacheron> prozess is gonna stall it again, he has so many projects and loose ends all over the place, and i know because i read A LOT of manga
[6:56pm] <@Vacheron> maybe not right away
[6:56pm] <@Vacheron> but he will
[6:56pm] <@Vacheron> he always does
[6:59pm] <@BORG> F1
[6:59pm] <@BORG> you should just finish CH2
[6:59pm] <@BORG> and then
[6:59pm] <@BORG> wait to see what the other guy does
[6:59pm] <@BORG> if he starts rlsing more periodically
[6:59pm] <@BORG> then don’t waste your time no more
[7:00pm] <@BORG> and if you really want to keep on doing it
[7:00pm] <@BORG> either join a group “i doubt that is a good idea knowing how bad you are at working under someone else’s watch”
[7:00pm] <@BORG> or just pick up something else
[7:02pm] <@BORG> let that prozess dude, keep chasing his own tail with all those projects going at the same time i doubt he will finish half of them.
[7:03pm] <@M’X> that guy’s website reminds me of kunio-kun
[7:03pm] <@M’X>
[7:03pm] <@Vacheron> meaning?
[7:03pm] <@M’X> look at that list
[7:03pm] <@M’X>     [PROzess Pinoy]Kanojo ha Sore wo Gaman Dekinai
[7:04pm] <@F10> i see where you’re going
[7:04pm] <@Vacheron> can you explain me then cuz i have no idea what he’s talking about
[7:04pm] <@F10> looking at that guy web
[7:04pm] <@F10> you can see that he translates his own shit
[7:04pm] <@F10> but also translates for other
[7:05pm] <@F10> although
[7:05pm] <@F10> “not officially”
[7:05pm] <@Vacheron> ???
[7:05pm] <@F10> dude
[7:05pm] <@F10> use ur brain for a fucking change
[7:05pm] <@Vacheron> muuu
[7:05pm] <@Vacheron> ~
[7:06pm] <@F10> that guy translates but under the conditions of “some kind of joint”
[7:06pm] <@F10> in other words
[7:06pm] <@F10> he is truthfully loyal to his scene name
[7:06pm] <@F10> and he will never sell his soul
[7:06pm] <@F10> static-subs is pretty much the same
[7:07pm] <@F10> that is how eclipse-static-subs started
[7:07pm] <@F10> kunio translates the right show for the right people, “he would NEVER freelance or join another group even if hell freezes over.”
[7:08pm] <@F10> but under the conditions of “jointing”
[7:08pm] <@Vacheron> oh
[7:08pm] <@Vacheron> souka!
[7:08pm] <@F10> well
[7:09pm] <@F10> i’ll talk with itainteazy
[7:09pm] <@F10> and see what happens
[7:09pm] <@F10> that name rings a bell?
[7:09pm] <@M’X> from the yuri-san days
[7:10pm] <@Skarto> does everyone still think those were real girls?
[7:10pm] <@matt-DROID> KRYSTEN ANY1? LOL
[7:10pm] <@F10> B0nk maybe, he’s the one that thought them how to AFX
[7:10pm] <@M’X> lol
[7:10pm] <@M’X> F1 go TS Sukitte you douche-bag.
[7:12pm] <@F10> 8+ are not even edited, so go complain to #m33w
[7:12pm] <@Skarto> btw, F1, how’s mujaki02 going?
[7:12pm] <@F10> Is tled, and i only have 5-6 pages to finish it
[7:12pm] <@F10> IAE was gonna have 03 tled by satrday.
[7:12pm] <@Skarto> do you like the manga?
[7:13pm] <@F10> tbh, i love it!.
[7:13pm] <@Skarto> you should keep on doing it then, fuck the other group, if you like it you like. nothing wrong with that.
[7:14pm] <@F10> >EFFORT
[7:14pm] <@F10> >OVERMANGALATING
[7:14pm] <@F10> besides his scans are so much better than my cheap pieces of trash. all i have going on in my scans is >effort
[7:14pm] <@F10> i am still figuring out the leveling shit.
[7:16pm] <@Skarto> think about continuing!
[7:16pm] <@F10> i’ll give it a thought…
[7:16pm] <@F10> for now imma go get my shit ready! i have to take a flight early in the morning tomorrow 🙂
[7:16pm] <@F10> Later!
[7:17pm] <@M’X> l8r
[7:18pm] <@BORG> i hope that plane blows up in the air!
[7:18pm] <@Vacheron> all hail F10! and his ass LOL



basically i am going to be objectively making a review based on the overall quality of this files:

[Commie] Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – 01 [C1BBCE25].mkv

Video Quality: C

Editing: C, well what can i say…  sometimes… it kind gets too wordy or oddly phrased… the feeling you get from the script is that the editor is trying to be liberal and adapt it into american english using slangs and what not… kinda reminds me of Lunar to some degree… but the problem is that the editor himself… loses his own reference at points… putting in words that are not meant to be there… i will run across some of the missworded lines i found “pretty much the whole scripts could use a massive quality check pass” but i doubt commie even knows what that is…

Dialogue: 0,0:00:05.31,0:00:07.46,Default,,0,0,0,,Doesn’t he look pissed off?
Dialogue: 0,0:00:07.46,0:00:09.05,Default,,0,0,0,,He might hit anyone who gets close.

now… let me ask here… hit anyone who gets close TO WHAT OR WHO?

the first line says he is pissed off… ok nothing wrong with that.

on the second one… wait what?the literal translation would be:

-Doesn’t look like he is in a bad mood?

-if you get near him you might get hit.

well even a literalization would sounds better than commie’s original one “makes more sense”

now this is a bit more relative t the haganai culture than it is editing; when i saw this… the first thing i did was go to AniDB to find out if Commie had worked on S1… and when i found out they didn’t, well i wasn’t as surprised anymore.

Dialogue: 0,0:04:48.10,0:04:52.26,Default,,0,0,0,,popular city folk get something called a “stack” these days.

“Riajuu”  most hardcore haganai fans know what riajuu means… and for a cultural matter “personally at least” i like a term more literal and closely related to the original japanese word such as “Reals” but i still think commie’s way of translating riajuu is quite vague when you try to tie it up to yozora’s nuancing and whatnot…

be it as it may… if you don’t mind some major fuck ups in the editing and sometimes nonsensical wordings… and weird ass signs… get commie… i personally like mazui myself…

Styling: C, well font choice, color choice… is not exactly bad “it ain’t good either” but after a few minutes you will forget all about the color of the text “or close the file and change the font color yourself lol” whatever it happens first.

but the font is quite readable… so is just a matter of tastes.

Typesetting: BRAIN CANCER ENSUED… no typesetting would be better in this case or {\an8}TL-NOTE:… “no offense intended” but is just THAT bad

Timing: B, fairly decent… and enjoyable actually. there are quite a few bleeds here and there but not many care about it.


i originally watched eps01 from mazui but i don’t feel like there is a need to review that one so in deep or half assedly like i just did with commie…

MAZUI, for the most part is keeping everything very basic and to a prone minimum…

what to expect from mazui:

literal translation “i don’t think any major editing is involved” other than a grammatical check up…

they still have silly typos here and there and silly wordings… but still the reading is MUCH MORE RELIABLE than commie’s… believe me… since there is no attempt of editing the script, the translation stays basically untouched therefore relays the meaning of the woprds much more reliably than commie’s which is over edited, and the editor lterally broke the translation at some points…

And today’s winning word in jeopardy is: CALENDER!!!!!

calenderOK, so this is one of the things you find out when you are TSing something LOL…

you’d think in this day and age that wouldn’t happen? think again LOL…

the animation company i guess didn’t have Internet connection to ask SAN-GOOGLE about that LOL

About 2,320,000,000 results (0.36 seconds)

Showing results for calendar
Search instead for calender

as a typesetter… should i fix that spelling? LOL

really this is nothing tho… i’ve seen worst shit than this haha…i kinda started again with them signs but man… i kinda also wanna read manga :D, WHAT DO?


I recently got asked for a lil bit of assistance with the TSing of this show… even though i am not much of a working ant, i like the show, so i guess o could help my friend to pull this through… but man… smartphones have work their way into anime way too much

is not much that they are tough or hard to pull out, is just time consuming, specially in my case where i only have like an hour of free time or less after work before wife gets back home. But we’ll pull through, i accepted the job so i gess i now have to commit till i finish it. otherwise i am gonna get hammered in january when haganai-s2 falls on top of my head lol

but for now… i am not in the mood for TSing…

i will watch TaigaDora instead 😀

tdman… whe i first started working on toradora back in 2009… i was sure it was going to be an awesome show… and it didn’t let me down… up to this day… is one of my all time favorites… and for tonight i will do just that… watch it… again

there will be time to do this signs tomorrow after Barcelona’s game

but man… i had this sign specially “the hardest one” already done LOL and when i was rendering it my video card decided to crap out, well not the card per say, it was the driver actually, but it fucked up the render and guess what AFX crapped out on me also i had plenty of oportunities to save the project, but I like a good fucking idiot never did it and payed the price… i have to do it again from scratch LOL

[WR]_Suki-tte_04_[9B636530]_001_13013can’t believe i have to redo that again…  oh well can’t be helped… i’ll get to it in due time… for the time being imma go watch taiga dora cuz i need some of TAIGA’S AWESOMENESS 😀